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Micro Bead, Keratin Bond ,Weft and Clip in -Hair extensions using Chinese Remy Hair,Indian Remy (Temple) Hair,Indian natural Virgin Hair,Russian virgin  Hair  available at Cezala's Hairdresser Billingshurst centrally located in between Chichester and Horsham, West Sussex - call for more info : Tel : 01403 786411
 Prices-maintenance from £60.00.  Removal including a wash and dry £50.00. Extensions fitted from £120.00 depending on the hair type you choose contact us for a free no obligation quote. Allways have extensions applied with a qualified hair stylist habia trained.Experienced hair stylists at cezala apply cut and style the extensions to suit your hair type/texture when applied at no extra cost to you!
hair extension 

HOW TO CHOOSE THE HAIR THATS RIGHT FOR YOU There are four grades of hair we use. The more expensive  the hair  is the longer it will last.YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.Clients that  choose the cheaper hair can often  end up spending more in the long run. Good quality virgin hair does not get as dry as chemically treated hair.We stock indian remy hair this is the cheapest hair and will last 1-3 months it has been chemically treated.We then step up to indian temple hair (unprocessed) this lasts up to 1 year with the correct after care,Temple hair has a natural wave when left to dry naturally it also can be dryed straight.It is lovely hair and very popular with clients that have a natural wave to their hair as it blends well.We then have european hair this can last 1 year plus in body wave or straight. Great for curly or wavy hair but only comes in dark shades.We then have Russian virgin hair one of the best hair types on the market lasting up to a year or more again depending how you look after it..PLEASE READ AFTER CARE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE .Virgin hair will stay in good condition its often better than clients own hair.The bonds break down so using the correct products is essential to help slow down this process.

Keratin Bond Extensions at Cezala Workshop BillingshurstWe apply Micro Bead plus Keratin bond and shrinkie Hair Extensions.Micro Bead individual extensions are attatched with a copper bead  cushioned with keratin glue to protect the clients own hair.This method is favoured by most clients as its so kind to the hair and easy to remove because it does not involve melting any glue onto your own hair to attatch the extension.The extensions are maintained at 5-6 weekly intervals where the bead is moved back  up to the roots again without any dis comfort. Micro bead extensions are most popular as no chemicals are involved and no damage to the hair when proffesionally applied. Keratin bond referred to as nail tip extensions are melted onto your hair with quality italian keratin glue and are removed with a solvent they cannot be moved up as the bond grows down.Removing glue extensions is uncomfortable so micro bead has become more popular.For clients with finer hair shrinkies can be used with the stick tip extension this method is less visable. The shrinkie is heated on to the stick tip extension.We can use micro beads that vary in size and colour to suit individuals hair types.For clients who have experienced hair loss and have finer hair we can use smaller bonds and use smaller beads to blend in less obviously .It is essential when applying extensions that the weight of the extension strand is the same weight as the section of hair it is attatched too.If the bond is too heavy for the section of hair its applied  too hair loss can occur.Many of our clients have hair made up to suit their individual needs. 

Weft methods used at Cezala include the invisible skin weft which can last up to three months with the correct care. The Cold Bonding  Pre-taped method which can last up to one month it is ideal for special occasions such as proms and weddings. The Micro Bead weft is where the weft is attatched to the hair using copper Micro-beads! This method is the most popular as it feels comfortable(no tension/tightness) to wear and as there is no glue involved so there is no damage to the Hair.The beads will need moving back to the roots after 4-5 weeks.They can be removed easily.


 April 1

April's natural hair was 6 inches long.We used the weft micro bead weft method.This method takes up to 2 hours to complete.The Hair is 100% Human Remy Hair 18 inches in length.


 Kelly side view Kellys natural hair was just above the shoulders.We put in a full head of keratin bond Hair extensions  22 inches long using 100% Indian remy Hair.We choose three different shades of blonde to blend in  with the natural colour. 
 Susan had a full head of 18 inch long Indian Remy Hair in chocolate brown with a few caramel Hi-lights.Her natural Hair was a bob style and very thick so she needed lots of extensions to blend in. 
 Kelly sawyer Kellys Hair was shoulder length she had chocolate brown with  caramel underneath 18 inches of Indian remy Hair. 
 Lucys Hair was 5 inches past the shoulder she had a Full Head of Russian Hair in 3 shades of blonde 22 inches in length.Russian hair is the best on the market and lasts for up to 2 years.Rebeca had chocolate brown russian hair 20 inches in length. 


 Tanya's hair was only 6 inches long and stylist Debbie applied European body wave extensions 20 inches in length using the micro bead method.  This method allows the client to put their hair up easily into a pony tail as the extensions are individually applied.  The weft method makes it difficult to put hair up into a pony tail. (Posted February 2013)


extension 2  Your hair must be at least 6 inches long for the application of Hair extensions.


Emma sawyer back

 Emma had a full head of Indian remy Hair 18 inches in length using two shades - lightest ash blonde/medium blonde.It took 1 hour to complete! 

                                                        lucy brazillian                                                 

Lucy had 100 hair extensions added 22 inches in length the hair is brazillian 1g strands.



                                                                                                    blonde to dark

From blonde to long and brown in 3 hours this client had Indian remy hair.



extension lengths

Hair lengths.

colour chart 1

Colour chart.